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Hard Times but still Good times are coming… Thats just my positive outlook on life,
but «Whats Next?» IS a big question… Huge…

The answer should be easy, like tomorrow, or even, closing up shop and going home to rest, sleep, watch a movie. But somehow i don think the guy who submitted this would approve of a simple and obvious answer like that to this two word but loaded question.

As my mind always roams; when i think of whats next, I get a barrage of thoughts… like a bunch of little children who want to be thrown up in the air yet again; «me, me, me, again, once more, please, me, again…»

There are so many variable to whats next. It almost hurts.

Well, next is definitely getting some answers about what´s happening with my current business affairs.
So that i can organize my busy life around those facts. Making a list of «Whats Next´s?»
All kind of depends on that now.

But i think thats actually going to take another month, so, in the meantime I ought to find out some other answers to another question i have been having for a long long time…
Do I have ADHD.
This is a fun quote from Wiki «ADHD is classified as a disruptive behavior disorder along with oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder and antisocial disorder.»
: )
«Anti»Social disorder… i seriously doubt that : ) but maybe a little bit of all of the rest…
: )

Anyway… see what happened now… I was thinking what´s next and found out that i had another next before what i had thought was the next…

It does help to slow down and ask ones self quietly these questions…
Ill call my physician tomorrow and see if i can get a test.

PS. My comment below turns out to be a excerpt from the wiki article about ADHD, comments and link to the long wiki article.

Slow down now and answer me this;
Whats your Next?


The most common symptoms of ADHD are:

Impulsiveness: acting before thinking of consequences (USED TO HAVE IT), jumping from one activity to another (STILL GOT IT), disorganization (YEP!), tendency to interrupt other peoples' conversations (MUCH LESS NOW).
Hyperactivity: restlessness (SELDOM), often characterized by an inability to sit still (SELDOM), fidgeting, squirminess, climbing on things (THEY ALWAYS SAID I USED TO CLIMB UP WALLS, YEAH STRAIGHT UP!), restless sleep (I SLEEP LIKE A BABY).
Inattention: easily distracted (HELL YEAH), day-dreaming (DAMN IT! THATS ME), not finishing work (SORRY, BUT YES, OFTEN), difficulty listening (MORE SO LATELY, ASK ARTHUR) and motor clumsiness (DEFINITELY).

S H I T !!!

at least it also says "Obstacles that clinicians face when assessing adults who may have ADHD include developmentally inappropriate diagnostic criteria, age-related changes, comorbidities and the possibility that high intelligence or situational factors can mask ADHD symptoms." wiki. Think maybe some of this i may have fixed along the years… couldnt be that impulsive, hyper or clumsy around 200000 kr. photo equipment and gorgeous models. But maybe parts of it is released again working in the café with cheap glasses and fun loving guests.

"Hyperactivity is common among children with ADHD but tends to disappear during adulthood. However, over half of children with ADHD continue to have some symptoms of inattention throughout their lives.[citation needed]"
Rings a bell : ) Hmm…

"A 2009 study found that children with ADHD move around a lot because it helps them stay alert enough to complete challenging tasks. The researcher advises that when they are doing homework, let them fidget, stand or chew gum since it may help them cope. Unless their behavior is destructive, severely limiting their activity could be counterproductive."

Wish we had wiki when i was growing up… I remember i liked reading but well… kind of sitting upside down with my legs up on the wall and somehow throwing a ball or a pillow up and down. : )

"Primary disorder of vigilance, which is characterized by poor attention and concentration, as well as difficulties staying awake. These children tend to fidget, yawn and stretch and appear to be hyperactive in order to remain alert and active. " Wiki.
So parents… let us bounce while we read.. please! it actually keeps us focused, but hell i didnt know how should they have? : )

"A specific cause of ADHD is not known. There are, however, a number of factors that may contribute to ADHD including genetics, diet and social and physical environments."

Im going to leave it at that…
link to Wiki article is;

Peace n Love and Hyper Activity : )

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