Did the first human wonder… or accept?

Many species of creatures become born and many others extinct all the time…

This shows that nature and its natural selection works and works through trial and error and the unsuitable, least adoptable or the weakest designs dissapear…

This means that humans, while imperfect with their mismatched physiological and psychological evolutions can also possibly be extinct.

The Physiological part is the millions of years of development of the body and the brain through trial end error.

The Psychological is the the 10000 year development of language and society, cultural variations of understanding and perceptions of the individual.

In my opinion, the reason for the unhappiness of humans and the inconsistency and contradictions in their behaviors are caused by the mismatch between the two. As all biological cycles and evolutions take a time span that is unfathomably long compared to our 67 years of average life expectancy, we dont seem to think that perhaps we are still in the very early stages of intelligence, and thus suffering. Similar to growing pains of an adolescent.

I believe that if we could look into the future we would see a much, much different human society. One which has surpassed the individual survival instinct of today and developed a higher sense of group psychology, awareness and existence.

In todays modern lifestyle, our unhappiness is so obvious that it pains me, yet in a way I smile also. It is almost like looking at a child crying when the new teeth are starting to break through, or complaining youth, when their limbs and joints hurt while they grow and stretch at enormous rate from a child’s to a grown mans in but a couple of years. We look upon these pains and smile, for we know that they will pass.

But sadly the confusion, uncertainty and the unhappiness do not pass since its not only a physical development that ends early in ones´ life. While the intellectual development of the infinitely complex organ that is the brain actually takes the entire lifetime of a human. For this development is not only the physical development  but also the rational development in turn effecting the physical evolution of the organ. So human life is in a permanent state of confusion, subdued either by substitutes of hormonal happiness or hidden behind belief, fear or even often, avoided altogether by ignorance.

Although what we already call modern man need many many more thousands of years to achieve a harmonious existence, I believe we could achieve a somewhat acceptable standard of happiness and harmony even today with the right kind of education and training.

The problem is the self proclaimed «modern human» does not comprehend their imperfection. They do not understand that they still are in the process of evolving…

Nature does not change a winning formula… As the best examples, always on top are the Sharks. Millions of years and still the same… Why? Because the design works…

Can we be dumb enough to og think that the first man thought that they were imperfect and that they would evolve to stand up straighter, and shed their hair, and start to philosophize?

They didnt. Not because they didnt know about evolution. But because humans, at every stage of their existence, baby, child, adolescent, youth, middle ages, old age, always believe that they are perfect and that they are right about their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and are complete in their evolution.

We know so much today… And yet we think like the ape on the tree… that we are perfect and we are here to stay… Til we get a wake up call with a terminal illness or a gun in the head.

Its quite obvious that the avarage human mind has not caught up with the understanding of its own evolution. In our time, there is so much easily accesible knowledge; although the variety and freedom of this information does make available all sorts of contradictory ideas and theories which make it hard to know what to trust or believe, that we ought to be slightly more aware of ourselves than we are.

Most of these people are more assleep then their butt picking ancestors who didnt have the senses to know that something was obviously wrong, nor knowledge to learn at their fingertips.

Its really not THAT complicated…

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