How are you nurturing yourself?

Only partially Im afraid.
I am concentrating too much on my thoughts, learning and inner space all the while knowing that a healthy mind exists in a healthy body.
We ought to learn a lot more about nutrition and listen to what our bodies are telling us it needs…
Fruit, vegetables, motion… and we ought to respect those needs to be able to continue to do what we love doing in good health for the longest possible time.
I in fact think this ought to be a priority for us all… Dont you think this is the stating point? Its like putting gas in the car, making sure the tires arent flat and that all the lights are working.
We ought to be educated in nutrition and health much earlier in life; BEFORE we develop the bad habits of eating only what we want and all too quickly, and get used to being lazy and taking the buss rather than walking… (at least i walk, and bike a lot : )
I ought to go back to yoga and perhaps a little active training… and back to fruits and vegetables… believe you me my body HAS told me i should ; )

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