Encourage Gratitude in Your Young

posted by Geri.

«An important but seldom-taught lesson is the value of gratitude. In a culture like ours, where the norm is always to want more, it’s important to encourage children — especially teens — to think about being thankful and to feel fortunate for what they already have. When they do, they often get a boost of happiness and optimism. So do adults, claim researchers.»


A friend thought me once that we ought to give thanks and show gratitude often…
I think what happens when we do this is that for only a few moments we stop and concentrate on what we do have, and how lucky we indeed are, and not what we lack or want and need to be happy as we somehow seem to be programmed to feel.

We ought to really consider this and perhaps make it a tiny little meditation each and every day.

I´d like to think that my general lightness of humor and calm comes from this, being satisfied with what i have and knowing that i am lucky.

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