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Shame I missed it… almost!!!

nothing very important… unless you are nuts… I found it kind of nostalgic… i dont know why… So i intend to catch the 7th of august happening… 12:34:56   07.08.09 its

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a lot happening… A LOT and ALL the time…

Vegard was just in showing incredible enthusiasm to help me shape up this site and make it functional and elegant at the same time… He has more than one way

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Its late and its almost nice…

There is still a lot to learn about WordPressing, but i think I managed more than i expected… Will soon try editing and messing up the templates : ) fun

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Sledding on thursday!!!

Sledding at korketrekkeren on thursday at 5pm… join up all you who have no idea that im playing around on my blog thingy : )

Learning Hierarchies of wordpress…

its a slow process… Vegard is still KING!!!

A huge thanks to my genious friend Vegard.

I wish there were more people like you on this miserable planet… You are true and honest and damn good on the snowboard : ) Thank you again.

TED – BIG QUESTION of the day.

How can you improve your relationship with your mobile phone? By replacing it with one that does no more than i need from it and trying to make it a

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Why does the cute little truth that Marge Simpson «melts like butter» every time Homer licks her elbows is so embarrassing to her and why is it so very interesting

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Late Night…

tired again… but as usual i don´t want to sleep and waste my precious, quiet hours alone… its been like this for a while… although i love to be asleep, going

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